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What Are Paid Online Surveys?

Online surveys are online questionnaire forms about a particular product or service. These questionnaires can range anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the subject. The incentive of completion will typically range from $.50 (for a very short survey) to $75. If you sign up with survey companies, sometimes you will be invited to participate in focus groups that will pay up to $50/hour.

You may be wondering why market research companies offer incentives for filling out surveys.  Companies need to know the opinions of their consumers so they can improve their products and services to make them more money. Your participation directly affects the products and services you use every day.  This is why your opinion is very valuable even though you may not realize it. These companies are looking for honest people to join their online survey panels. Online market research companies pay cash or other prizes every time you take online surveys. You will always be paid an incentive for your time.

Many companies have a point system that they go by. Each survey is worth a different amount of points, depending on the length.  Some companies will credit your points to your account directly after completion of the survey, other survey companies will credit you account within 2 – 4 weeks after completion of the survey. Some companies enter their survey takers into a drawing after each survey is complete. The chances of someone winning the drawing enough times to earn full or part time income are slim to none. If you are planning on taking online surveys as a form of employment, you may want to consider a career change.  You will NOT get rich taking online surveys. However, they can be a lot of fun. It needs nothing but registration with several legitimate online survey companies. If you're looking to enjoy yourself and maybe earn some merchandise, win prizes and even end up with a little pocket money, online surveys are definitely for you.


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