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Advice on Paid Surveys

Everyone wants to know which surveys pay, but there are a few other things that you need to know before you even sign up for your first paid survey site. Here are some tips, tricks and techniques that I have learned and I will add others as they occur to me.
1) Try to find out those companies that have a decent feedback on the Internet. Search for reviews on different survey companies. The search will come up with a range of comments and feedbacks that will assist you know about particular company.

2) Have patience. This may appear very easy but it is not so. It may take time and to earn some cash.

3) Try to get registered for at least around ten survey companies. Logically, if a survey is paying $5 will take around 30-35 minutes. If you do about 3-4 each day, the average over the month is pretty good.

4) DO NOT REGISTER WITH THE SURVEY COMPANIES THAT ASK YOU TO PAY FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP!! I cannot stress this enough. You can find the same market research companies for free.

5) The companies that you register with should be in the business for at least 1 year.

6) Check that the company makes you eligible immediately.

7) Check out for good customer service via phone or email, with response time less than 24 hours. Look for a guarantee that you will get at least a minimum number of surveys upon getting enlisted there, however there is no 100% guarantee.

8) Be honest in your answers. DO NOT try to cheat, the survey companies by simply filling any answer in multiple-choice questionnaires. There are some who try to complete as many surveys as they can without really reading through. The survey companies have review staff that will review your answers. They have seen enough to differentiate fake surveys from the real deal.

9) Use a separate e-mail account. Free Internet paid surveys are sent to you via email. Since there can be quite numerous, you do not want your personal email to be jammed with these mails. If your mailbox is full, the mails would bounce back and the survey companies would remove you from their list. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Use free email accounts like Yahoo that gives you 1 GB of mailbox memory to register with the survey companies. That should last you for a long while.

10) Try to use the same username and password for all of you accounts. This makes login easy, and you don’t have to remember different login information for all of you accounts.

11) Be smart when filling out your profile information. Some survey companies would conduct a series of screening questions to determine if your profile suits their client’s requirements before forwarding you the survey. There are some who however make reference to the profile details you have registered with them. Normally, in the profiling, your age, gender, occupation, hobbies and other demographics would be captured.

It is obvious that the more interests, hobbies, etc you indicate, the likelihood of you being a potential survey candidate for the free Internet paid surveys improves. However, balance this with full honesty in profiling yourself. For example, do not check the boxes like love arts when you obviously have not even stepped into an art museum in your whole life.

12) Small and steady rewards really do add up. You don’t need to attempt every single survey you receive (though, of course, some panels tend to send you more invites if you have a good survey history). However, don’t overlook the simple and quick daily point earners, either! I’ve developed a routine where I’ll check my survey email account before I even get out of bed in the morning – this is when I usually do my quick point earners.


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